hooligans heaven

Discipline adlı gruptan dinlemekte olduğunuz şarkı bütün holiganlara gelsin.

His mom is always complaining
That nothing can save his soul
He doesn´t give a damn about anything
Just football, drinks and Rock´n Roll
But he ain´t nothing special
He is just like the rest of his mates
Fighting for his colors and getting in trouble
From time to time a guest of the state
Another Saturday afternoon
He has gotta hurry to the square
Just a few hours to go
And all the lads are already there
We´re walking forwards to the station
And the boys are ready to go
Soon the train will be coming in
We´re gonna have a fuckin´go
10 to 2, It´s gonna go Oi!
A stab, a cry, another life is lost
20 years old, a good future ahead
Five minutes later he´s fuckin dead